Tsunami Animated Infographic

What is a tsunami? What makes it so powerful? Joshua Lue Chee Kong answers those questions with a short animated infographic about tsunamis. He discusses the history and origins of tsunamis, as well as their impact today.

While the information conveyed about tsunamis is very general and not new, I found the graphics bright and easy to follow.

What do you think of this tsunami overview? Is there any data or information about tsunamis that you would add or delete? Would you make any changes to the presentation itself?

(Note: you can find an animation of the tsunami across the Pacific Ocean after the Chilean earthquake of February 2010 here.)

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One Reply to “Tsunami Animated Infographic”

  1. I just happen to came upon this link someone had sent me. I am happy it has helped spread the message about the dangers of tsunamis, I was planning to add more to the video in the future.

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