Shoutout to TamingData Readers/Gratitude

I would like to thank the readers of this blog for your time and comments.

This month, TamingData received almost 4,000 “page impressions“. That is an almost 189% increase over February 2011 (if I did that math correctly). Yes, I went from slightly under 2,000 page impressions in February to over 3,800 page impressions in March! I realize for some sites that may not seem like much, but for my blog, those are some nice numbers. I began this blog ~16 months ago, in December 2009.

How many page impressions did I have in March 2010? 141. I’ve had a >95% increase in readership over the past 12 months.

I am humbled that even one person wants to read what I have to write, much less thousands per month. The video below by Tim Morales, called, “Gratitude“, is my way of saying, “Thank you” to every one of you.

I hope you have a wonderful April.

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Jewel Ward

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Nice to meet you! I am Jewel Ward, founder of Impact Zone ( Our specialties are search engine optimization and digital stewardship for creative industry websites.

We work hard to serve our clients’ needs so they can solve their technology problems. Our goal is to enable our creative clients to succeed digitally in whatever form success means to them.

Here are three fun facts about me. I consider coffee and chocolate food groups. I am an INFJ. I love longboard surfing.
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