Short Hiatus…

I will be taking a short hiatus from writing in this blog while I work on my literature reviews in preparation for my Comprehensive Exams later this year.

While I may still post occasionally, I will not be posting my usual two or more times a week.

I hope you have a wonderful summer.

User Experience Design

Have you ever visited a web site and wondered who created such a great experience? Have you ever wondered who makes the invisible visible?

No? Why do you think that is? If it works well, you don’t notice it, and if the site is a mess, it is all you do notice.

Therefore, what element can help make or break a web site?

To me, one of these elements is the site’s User Experience Design, or lack thereof.

The following humorous animations by Lyle hail the role of the user experience designer. I bow….

Do you have any favorite web sites? Why do you like them?

[Via frank j. garofalo.]

Social Paranoia and Graduate School

Are you paranoid about your social standing and what others’ think of you? Instead of Taming Data, are you Taming Fear?

Then you must be a graduate student, according to Don Troop’s recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Paranoid? You Must Be a Grad Student“.

PhD Comics -- Graduate Student Paranoia
Source: PhD Comics via The Chronicle.

Have I had my moments? Yes. Although not as badly as some of the students interviewed in the article. Sometimes, Taming Fear has had to occur before I can Tame Data.