Tesla Model S Owners Complete the “NY Times Road Trip” without Incident

The Model S dashboard uses an LCD instrument cluster and a 17-inch main touch screen.I would like to offer my congratulations to these drivers for their dedication and commitment! What a fun trip that was to follow.

You can check out the Twitter feed from this past weekend, complete with telemetry feeds. You may also want to check out their forum posts. The drivers also posted some videos to YouTube.

I look forward to reading the comments and news about these seven four “normal” drivers proving a NY Times reporter “wrong”, with thousands of people watching the data come in live. I also look forward to reading John Broder’s response to these driver’s recreation of his road trip.

Update: 18 February 2013, ~10 PM EST. Lauren Goode writes that four of the nine (whoops! I thought there were seven) completed the Tesla Road Trip. This was, however, preplanned for four of the drivers who left. I.e., four of the other drivers left of their own accord. A fifth driver ran into software problems, but the Tesla Motors help desk pushed software to him to fix it. Of the drivers who completed the journey, their consensus is that Broder did not adequately charge his car. It is equal to saying a gas engine does not work because you decide to fill it 1/4 of a tank, and then you cannot drive it for the same distance as a full tank.

What do you think? Does Elon Musk’s data of Broder’s trip speak for itself? Or, does data need context?

Seven Tesla Model S Owners Recreate Broder’s MD to CT Trip This Weekend

Tesla Motor TripThe Twitter bio says it all: “7 Tesla Model S Owners Set out Saturday 2/16 to recreate the NY Times Reporter’s uncommitted test drive from Maryland to Connecticut and prove it can be done. East Coast Supercharger Trip.”

Note that weather conditions are harsh this weekend and within range of when Broder made his trip. So far, the drivers are reporting temperatures that are snowy and cold, e.g., 20s to the 50s.

You can follow their road trip via Twitter, via the Tesla Motors Club Forum, or, on YouTube.

Tesla VP "in awe"

I look forward to reading and reviewing the results and commentary from the blogosphere and social media.

CNN’s Peter Valdes-Dapena Drives the Tesla Model S from D.C to Boston without a Hitch

Tesla Model S InteriorPeter Valdes-Dapena of CNN Money drove the Tesla Model S from Washington, D.C. to Boston without a hitch.

Does it prove Broder lied in his NY Times article? No. Valdes-Dapena wasn’t trying to recreate Broder’s trip, although he more or less followed the same route. The weather was warmer, however, than when Broder made his trip, and Valdes-Dapena made a point of following the manufacturer’s recommendations. As he pointed out in his article, after he establishes the car and the charging stations will do what the manufacturer claims it does, then he’ll push the envelope. I’ve included the short video of Valdes-Dapena’s trip below.
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Broder Responds Point-by-Point to Musk (i.e., The NY Times vs. Tesla Motors)

Tesla Motors Model SDoes data speak for itself? Or, does it need context?

Update :: 15 February 2013, 2 PM EST. Rebecca Greenfield at The Atlantic Wire writes that her analysis of Elon Musk/Tesla Motor Company’s car log data data does not back up their claims of fakery on the part of John Broder at the NY Times. :: End update.

Yesterday, I wrote about Tesla Motors and Elon Musk “busting” the NY Times’ John Broder’s poor review of the Model S car.

Today, I offer some equal time for Broder’s rebuttal of Elon Musk’s charges — backed by car data logs — that Broder lied.

Here are point-by-point responses to specific assertions Mr. Musk has made:

• “As the State of Charge log shows, the Model S battery never ran out of energy at any time, including when Broder called the flatbed truck.”

The car’s display screen said the car was shutting down, and it did. The car did not have enough power to move, or even enough to release the electrically operated parking brake. The tow truck driver was on the phone with Tesla’s New York service manager, Adam Williams, for 15 or 20 minutes as he was trying to move the car onto a flatbed truck.
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Elon Musk of Tesla Motors Busts NY Times’ John Broder’s Test Drive Review Using Model S Car’s Data

John Broder Tesla Motors Model SElon Musk of Tesla Motors accuses John Broder of the NY Times of falsifying data in Broder’s unfavorable review of the Model S car.

Musk has the data to back up his claims, pulled from the car itself.

Here is a summary of the key facts: