Explaining Tsunamis to Children (and Adults) via NOAA

Grom CrossingThis past weekend, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit off the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Various government Web sites about earthquakes and tsunamis had conflicting reports about whether or not officials were going to issue or had issued a tsunami warning.

While I don’t live in Central America, I had a great time at a surf camp in Costa Rica a few months ago, and I wondered about the safety of the many wonderful people I met there, as well as current guests. Everyone was fine.

The earthquake reminded me of this Web site I found last year about tsunami awareness, and the following video designed to educate children about the different types of tsunami, and what to do if and when one occurs. Warning: the song at the end is a bit lame.

I think the authors of this video found an entertaining method for describing complex data and information to groms and adults.

Is there anything in particular that you like and dislike about this video?

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