So You Need a Typeface?

What’s a girl (or boy) to do when you have to create a web site, logo, book jacket, or invitation? Why, you just have to use this nifty guide to help you pick the correct font. (I’m still working on my TamingData logo. A new one, as I’ve never had one. Yes, I did refer to this nifty guide.)

So You Need a TypeFace?

Do you have any favorite fonts? I love Open Sans. I think it is a great Web font.

English is a Weird Language

English is WeirdEnglish is a my first language, and I still struggle with spelling, grammar, and the (mostly unwritten) rules of spoken- vs. written-English.

A visiting scholar from China once said to me that “English is easy to learn and difficult to master, while Chinese is difficult to learn but easy to master”.

I feel sorry for the 1 billion people who speak English as a second language! It doesn’t make sense to us native speakers, either!

English is Weird

Do you think the English language is weird?

[Infographic via Pinterest.]

How Wolves Change Rivers

A short video on how the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone in the 1990s led to a smaller population of deer. This led, in turn, to the regeneration of plant life, which brought in more birds, beavers, otters, rabbits, mice, bears (who had more berries to eat), fish, and, eventually changed the course of rivers (because with more vegetation there wasn’t so much run off).

Or, the importance of preserving, tracking, sharing, comparing, and analyzing data so you can correlate one thing (i.e., the re-introduction of a species) with another (i.e., increased vegetation and the subsequent increases in other animal populations, as well as changes to the geophysical environment).

Dicionário do Surf – Surfing is a Common Language

Dicionário do Surf

I cannot speak Portuguese, but I understand the definitions. Surfing, like technology, uses mostly English words.

I wish “someone” would make an English-language version of this infographic. I love the layout and design. There is a great deal of information in a small amount of space. It’s very useful for a newbie surfer like me.

The Most Common Misunderstood Lyrics in Music (Mondegreens)

mondgreen - chasing penguinsWe’ve all done it. We’ve all sung along to a song, or been confused by the lyrics, only to realize later that we misunderstood the lyrics in the first place. This is called a mondegreen. A “mondegreen” is “a word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or sung” (Merriam-Webster, 2013). Per Merriam-Webster (2013), the word mondegreen comes “from the mishearing in a Scottish ballad of ‘laid him on the green’ as ‘Lady Mondegreen'”.

In honor of “Lady Mondegreen”, has created this infographic that lists the top 10 mondegreens.

What mondegreens are you guilty of?