How Food and Family Meals Impact Our Happiness

Have you ever wondered whether it is the food or the company, or both, that brings us the most happiness?

If you have ever had the “best meal ever” with friends and family, and maybe the food itself was not so great, then you may not be surprised to learn that it is the company that matters, not the food.

Oh, and at Thanksgiving and other major holidays, stick to tradition.

How Food and Family Meals Affect Our Happiness

Did anything in this infographic surprise you?

I was happy to learn that lemon water brings down stress levels.


Are You a Late Bloomer?


Are you an early bloomer? A late bloomer? Mid-life?

I cannot answer that question, myself. I’ve been a life-long learner, and I’ve enjoyed every stage of my life. I’m curious, though, about how other people feel about their lives.

[Via: Funders and Founders.]