Beginning a Series — Reviews of Open Data Sites

binary codeI will be reviewing English-language, government-sponsored open data sites as an off-shoot of my doctoral work. I will begin initially with the “key” government sites compiled by the authors of The Guardian‘s DataBlog as one of their inaugural posts.

Last week I reviewed, so I while I may add a bit more detail to my initial review in a second post, I will not completely re-review it. The sites I will review in the upcoming weeks are:

I will also do some searching of my own and see what else I can locate that is an English-language, government-sponsored Open Data web site. However, if any of you know of any sites that I do not have listed above, please do send them to me! (And, “thanks!” in advance.)

So…what do I mean by “review”? I plan to examine the number and types of data sets made available, policies for use and re-use, “other” policies, and, the overall “look & feel” and usability of the site(s). I will also discuss “anything else” I find interesting.

Is there something in particular you’d like me to add to my review criteria?

Please let me know what you think....