So, What About that Review Series on Open Data Sites?

binary dataA month ago I said that I would begin a series of reviews of Open Data sites. I am and I have. I reviewed the UK’s Open Data site. So…where are the rest of the reviews?

First, I am reviewing the Open Data sites as part of my dissertation work, so I have had to determine the methodology and get it approved. Then, I have to continue the review process, determine what I want to post on the blog, and decide what I want to keep private for research and publication purposes.

Second, I’ve had health problems that have held up all of my work. In February, repairing mid-back problems caused by my poor posture and too many hours on the computer limited the time I had available to be on the computer. As well, I came down with a lovely chest cough that took two weeks to get rid of. I believe that when your body gets worn down and “tells” you to rest, you should listen. I took some “rest” days, attended to my back, and I am the better for it.

I hope to begin posting reviews of the Open Data government sites within the month.

Please let me know what you think....