The State of the Internet

The State of the InternetThe creative agency Jess3 created this video on “The State of the Internet” for AIGA Baltimore. It reminds me of the video, “Is Information Management Hype?“, in that the authors of the video throw a lot of facts and figures at the viewer.

I found it interesting that there are 247 billion emails sent every day, 200 billion of which are spam. This means, according to a figure that appears a few seconds later and my own math, that 81% of sent emails are spam. I am disheartened to know that much bandwidth (re: $$$) is dedicated to sending large amounts of worthless email around the globe, and that even more money is wasted on the time and resources needed to block and delete it from our mailboxes.

I was also struck by the excellent Information Design aspects of the video. The fonts, colors, information, and music all work together to create a watchable, quantitative trip around the Internet.

Are there any numbers that struck you as particularly interesting?

[Via Nathan @FlowingData]

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