Is the Internet Remaking Us? Part I

We wonder, as the sum of all our knowledge and memories is uploaded, converted into bits, tagged and indexed, are we sacrificing what makes us human? Or evolving what it means to be human?” Jordan Clarke asks in his animation below, entitled Internet. The tagline for the animation is that it is “a visual metaphor of a strange and a seemingly organically created place called the internet”.

I thought this was and is an interesting question — are we evolving as humans, or sacrificing our human-ness? I blogged recently about how research indicates multitaskers still can’t multitask. Researchers’ study results continue to reveal that technology is re-wiring our brains. Researchers aren’t sure how this is being done, much less whether or not this is good for us or bad for us as a species.

As Jordan says, “All we know is that the Internet is here now, and although it is us who made it, it is the Internet that is remaking us.

What is your opinion of Jordan’s statements and the continuing research results? Do you believe we are sacrificing what it means to be human in pursuit of technology, or do you think we are merely evolving as humans?

Please let me know what you think....