Facebook: By the Numbers

The numbers behind the Facebook phenomenon are staggering. Users spend 500 million minutes per month on the site. Seventy different languages are used on Facebook. As of December 2000, there were an estimated 361 million users on the Internet; as of 2010, Facebook alone has 400 million users. As of this writing, the Facebook user population is larger than the entire population of the United States. Only, two countries, China and India, have larger populations than the current number of users on Facebook.

Launched from a Harvard dorm room in 2004, the site had 1500 registrants within the first 24 hours, and 1 million users in the first year. Facebook’s 2008 revenue alone is estimated at $300 million.

How do I know all of this? Brian Fisher researched the stats and then created the animation below, called Facebook: By the Numbers.

The author describes the video as:

A short animation about Facebook, displaying a timeline and overview of the website with numbers and statistics. The data and research that I collected was between 3/3/10 and 5/14/10. I created all of the visuals and motion.

Fisher obtained the statistics from the following sources, which he cites in the last section of the animation.

brian fisher vimeo citations facebook: by the numbers

Are there any statistics that stand out to you?

I would like to have seen a few statistics on the evolution of Facebook privacy controls, but I am nitpicking. I think the animation provides a great deal of information to the viewer within a very short time frame, in an understandable format, with a great, funky-but-relaxing soundtrack. Data deluge, you’ve been tamed.

Please let me know what you think....