The History of Nikola Tesla – an Animated Short Story

Nikola Tesla created white lighting and Alternating Current (AC), feuded with Thomas Edison, and contributed greatly to the development of wireless communications. Without AC, we’d have power stations every two miles, and I wonder if the Internet would have been able to develop the way that it has! Thanks to Tesla, we have the electrical power to create and run the systems that hold the data we tame. I highly encourage you to check out the PBS web site on Tesla’s life, Master of Lightning.

The featured animated short below of Tesla’s life was created by Jeremiah Warren. He writes:

This video was created for the 154th anniversary of Nikola Tesla. It was written, voiced, animated, drawn, and completed in under 36 hours.

Warren also maintains a Facebook page on Tesla.

OK, geeks, who is your favorite scientist that contributed to our communications infrastructure? Edison? Tesla? Or, do you have another favorite?

[Citation: the thumbnail image on the upper left of this post is of US Patent 685,957 Apparatus For The Utilization of Radiant Energy
Nikola Tesla – November 5, 1901
. The full (larger) image of the patent is available via Oliver Nichelson’s article, Tesla’s Fuelless Generator, Nikola Tesla’s Later Energy Generation Designs.]

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