Visualizing and Projecting Data into Real Space

If you could take a few statistics, codify the numbers, and represent them visually in real space, how would you do this? Christiane Keller did just that with dataMorphose as part of her diploma project. I think this is a very artistic and beautiful way to visualize data in real space — to tame it, if you will. I like the funky retro groove beat she used in the background. Christiane writes about her project:

dataMorphose is an interactive installation which projects data into real space and visualizes it three-dimensionally. Information is represented by spanned and moving sails directly in the room. Thus abstract and virtual data becomes real and tangible. As the user takes new positions and perspectives, he can experience a completely novel and sensual perception of data.

Three spatial displays visualize statistical data, web activities and the current time. The coding and procurement of data is visualized by the tension of the canvas, the pace of movement, the position of the canvas and the change of their shape.

I encourage you to read the longer write up of dataMorphose, which is available on Christiane’s site.

Please let me know what you think....