Little Red Riding Hood, the Animated Infographic Version

If you were the Big Bad Wolf and you were on a diet, would you want to know how many calories Grandma contains? What about the cost of the bread and wine you, the parent, are sending to your mother or mother-in-law via your daughter? Tomas Nilsson took on the story of Little Red Riding Hood for a school assignment and added a modern twist — infographics that include a VW van, modern housing, wildlife density, modern human dwellings, human vs. canine body make ups, the price of hunting gear, and, yes, grandma’s nutritional information (as a chart).

I saw this animation of Little Red Riding Hood two years ago when Nilsson first put it online, and I enjoyed re-watching it for this post. I thought his twist on such a familiar story was and is very creative with the right touch of humor. The display of information relies on the user’s familiarity with the tale, but adds additional information to the story via the use of data as context.

What part or parts, if any, of the animated infographic stood out to you?

[Most recently, via designer-daily.]

Please let me know what you think....