A Day in the Life, London c.2002

If you wanted to show “a day in the life” of someone living in a major city, what features of their life would you choose to highlight? French motion graphics studio H5 decided to focus on the details of a 20-something living in London. Directed by Ludovic Houplan & Hervé de Crécy, the infographic is the video for Röyksopp’s “Remind Me”, and it won the 2002 MTV Europe Music Award for best music video.

The woman lives in NE London, and the infographic details her life and the items around her, including a schematic that flows from the woman eating a hamburger, to a cow eating, to the cow’s milk becoming a milkshake, and the woman drinking the milkshake. Also shown in the animation are the daily commuter flow, Internet traffic and data processing. The animation even provides details on the nutritional information for her lunch and breakfast.

Contributors to the Wikipedia article about the song write:

The song “Remind Me” is also famous for its computer animated video, directed by the French motion graphics studio H5. It features a day in the life of a woman working in London’s Square Mile solely through infographics; this includes labelled close-ups of everyday objects, product lifecycles, schematic diagrams, charts, and is generally illustrated in a simple isometric visual style. “Someone Else’s Radio Mix” is the mix used for the audio track in accordance with the single release. An advertisement for Areva, also created by H5, employs a very similar visual style. The promo won the award for Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2002.

The video is below.

I think this is an interesting way to visualize and make interesting data about the more mundane side of life. “I got up. I went to the bathroom. I ate breakfast. I went to work. I did work. I went to lunch. I ate lunch.” And so on and so forth.

My favorite part is the schematic of human waste flowing into the sewage system, into a channel, and then back into the environment as waste water.

What part of the animation and/or data stood out to you? Is there some part of the data about daily life that you would have presented differently, or not represented in the animation?

Please let me know what you think....