How Your Personal Desk Space Defines You

How do you like to work? Do you move from place to place, with only a smart phone and your lap top? Is a desk an anachronism? Or, do you prefer to have one place to go to work that is, “yours”?

Aaron Trinder explores the concept of the desk, what it means to various workers, and what it means to have a messy desk versus a clean desk (among other concepts he explores).

One of the points I enjoyed hearing about was the failure of the nomadic desk that was a failed social experiment of the 1990s. I have found I can do some work as a nomad, but for serious work, I have to have a desk. It is messy when I work on a project, but when I’m done, I clean it off. My desk at home is very personalized, but in the office, it is very generic, with few personal items in view.

How do you work best? How do you organize your physical workspace?

[Via @RWW via Boingboing.]

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