How Advertisers Use Internet Cookies to Track Your Online Habits

What is behavioral targeting? Is it a violation of your privacy for businesses to track your movements online via cookies? What are cookies, anyway? Are cookies helpful, or do they provide too much information? Should you worry about how much digital exhaust you trail?

Christina Tsuei of the Wall Street Journal explains how advertisers use cookies to track your online habits in the video below. She states the obvious when she notes, “It’s rarely a coincidence when you see Web ads for products that match your interests”.

I thought this video was a nice reminder for us old hands, and a great introduction for newbies, on how cookies work. For myself, I think I am resigned to a certain amount of “cyber stalking” by advertisers and businesses, even though I don’t like it. I do clean out my browser cookies a few times a month, although I’m not sure how much that actually helps me keep any real privacy online regarding my digital exhaust.

To learn how to control your privacy settings, the Wall Street Journal offers some tips and suggestions as part of series called, “What They Know“.

Did anything in this video surprise you?

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