The Internet of Things and a System of Systems

We are drowning in a sea of data. There are more things on the Internet than there are people; currently about 1 billion people use the Internet.

We are learning to take data, create information, gain knowledge, and achieve wisdom. We are able to do this by using The Internet of Things to create a System of Systems. Or, so sayeth IBM’s marketing department.

This System of Systems, however, is not the Science Fiction idea that the computers are running the world — it is a system in which humans are an elemental part of it all. The system itself is unpredictable, as one change in one part of it will affect changes downstream.

This is a beautiful world that IBM is promoting.

Are we truly part of a system of systems, or are we just simply overloaded? Doesn’t an integrated system of systems mean that we will be transmitting data about ourselves constantly? How much privacy are you willing to give up in order to organize The Internet of Things into a System of Systems?

[Via GoogleSystem.]

Please let me know what you think....