War Data: Willingness to Fight

How willing would you be to fight in a war? Might your willingness to fight be based on which country you call home?

The answer to the second question is, “yes”.

Citizens of superpowers and war torn nations have little interest in fighting a war. However, some citizens of war torn countries are quite happy to engage in war. To find out which citizens of which countries are and are not willing to engage in war, please watch the short video below.

You may also view a few graphics of the war data used in the video above.

The data reflects the average view of national populations, not just their governments, and is based on subjective analysis by the Economist Intelligence Unit via Vision of Humanity (VisionofHumanity.org).

How willing are you to go to war? Were you surprised by any of the information presented in the animation?

This post is one of a series on war data.

Please let me know what you think....