The Keeper of Manhatten’s Many Maps

So, you’d like a job taming data and providing access to information? Or, you already tame data and provide access to information, but you want to change jobs. What kinds of jobs are available?

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled a position they called, “The Keeper of Manhatten’s Many Maps“. The mapkeeper’s name is Hector Rivera. As part of his job, he

scans, catalogs and discovers lost streets and forgotten avenues as the Topographical Bureau Associate — or the map man — inside the offices of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. He works inside a room crammed with some 5,000 maps of Manhattan, some of which date back over 200 years.

Hector scans maps, does research, and manages the map room. He advises people who may be breaking ground on new projects, so they know what they are — and are not — digging into in a particular part of a city. Street locations have changed, so knowing what used to be where you want to dig may help you avoid problems when you begin a building project.

What is your dream job taming data?

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