Air Traffic World Map

Have you ever wondered how many airplanes are in the air at one time? How about over a 24 hour period? Can you visualize this data? If so, how?

A group of students at ZHAW in Europe took on the challenge. Pierre-Alain Goualch posted this video of one way to display this data, which is this animation of all air traffic worldwide over a 24 hour period***.

Students from ZHAW * which trains air traffic controllers have made this amazing movie:
This is the visualization of all air traffic in the world 24H00 projected onto a world map and reduced to 1 minute.

Each yellow dot represents a plane.

*: Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte ZHAW Wissenschaften

I found it interesting to see how air traffic increases and decreases based on the time of day. Seeing how many airplanes are in the air in any given 24 hour period was scary, actually. Kudos to air traffic controllers for keeping track of all of these airplanes.

What do you think of this visualization of air traffic worldwide?

*** In French, the quote is:

Des élèves de la ZHAW* qui forme des aiguilleurs du ciel ont réalisé ce film étonnant :
C’est la visualisation de l’ensemble du trafic aérien dans le monde en 24H00 projetée sur une mappemonde et ramenée à 1 minute.
Chaque point jaune représente un avion.

*:ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften

[Via FlowingData.]

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