Our Lives with Data using Data

Can you imagine life without Internet access (email, FTP, etc.)? What about Web access (i.e., anything via a browser)? If you have a smartphone, can you imagine not having one again?

GOOD Magazine decided to take a look at our life with data by creating the somewhat cheesy video below.

The video creators write: “from Google to GPS and Twitter to text messages we’re creating—and using—astronomical amounts of information these days. And the pace is accelerating. Here’s a look at some data about our data.” They list the statistical sources as: The Huffington Post, SmartCompany, Telenav, TechCrunch, InternetWorldStats, TextMessageBlog, SocialTimes, TheFutureBuzz, and MarketWatch.

I was surprised to read that the average person sends and receives 47 email messages per day. I thought the number would be higher.

Did any of the statistics surprise you?

Please let me know what you think....