2010 — the Year Mobile Connected the World

I’ve only had a smart phone for 10 months, and yet I cannot imagine how I lived without it. Therefore, for your viewing pleasure, I have posted this animation from themobilefuture on the mobile phone in the year 2010. The animation is by http://www.istrategylabs.com.

The authors cite the following statistics (sources not listed):

Massive increase in apps downloaded:
– FIVE BILLION apps downloaded – up from 300 million in 2009

Whopping expansion of location-based services
– FIVE MILLION Foursquare users — up from 200,000 users in 2009

Surge in mobile social media platforms
– 347 PERCENT growth in Twitter mobile usage
– 200 MILLION mobile Facebook Users
– 100 MILLION YouTube videos played on mobile devices everyday

Can you imagine life without your mobile phone?

Please let me know what you think....