World Population: 7 Billion by the End of 2011

Seven billion people. That’s how many people the earth will carry by the end of 2011. I cannot imagine that many people, yet if we all stood shoulder to shoulder, apparently we could all stand in the area of the City of Los Angeles.

National Geographic Magazine has taken on the task of addressing the population boom by creating a year long series on human population growth. You may read the first feature article online. For example, according to the motion graphic video below that was created to market the year-long series, in 1800 the world’s population first hit 1 billion. Now, every second, 5 people are born. Where are we all living and where will most of us live? In urban areas.

The video throws a lot of data at you, but the visualization is such that I did take note of the information presented. As the authors of the video make clear, the population boom isn’t about space, it is about balance. We need to balance energy use, among other natural resources the authors of the above video did not mention. For example, we need to provide areas for wildlife to thrive and access to clean water for humans and animals.

You may also want to examine the photo slideshow by Randy Olsen, also via National Geographic as part of this series.

[Via Flowing Data.]

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