Starbuck’s Adds the 31 oz “Trenta” to the Menu

How big is a 31 oz cold coffee beverage? How can you display the new beverage size so that a layperson like me can understand exactly how oversized the new beverage is?

Starbucks recently announced that they will add a larger size to their menu of beverages — the “Trenta“. As I stated above, the new cold beverage size is 31 oz.

The National Post created this graphic that shows exactly how large 31 oz is. In the metric system, 31 oz equals 916 ml. The average human stomach holds a mere 900 ml. In other words, if you drink one of these beverages, you probably won’t need a meal for a while. Thankfully (depending on your point-of-view), the new size will only be available for cold beverages.

Graphic: How big, exactly, is Starbucks’ new ‘Trenta’ size?

All I can say is, hot or cold, the last thing I want is someone near me to have consumed 31 oz of any caffeinated beverage!

Would you drink 31 oz of a caffeinated beverage at one sitting on a normal day?

[Blog post idea via Anderson Cooper’s “The Ridiculist“, video dated 18 January 2011. The thumbnail at the upper left of this post is courtesy the National Post.]

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