What Does a Librarian Do?

Have you ever wanted to be a librarian? Have you ever wondered what a librarian does?

This Vocational Guidance Film from 1947 describes what a librarian does, and what the requirements are to be a librarian. LIbrarianship is about managing, accessing, storing, and retrieving information. That information may be stored in a book, database or other kind of virtual or physical object.

I disagree with the statement that you must love books. If you apply to library school and state that you “love books” in your application, the library school faculty are likely to tell you to go work in a book store! You have to love managing information.

In your view, how well does the description of librarianship from 1947 apply to the work of a librarian in 2011? In my opinion, the general gist of the occupation is still relevant, such as reference and cataloging, even taking into account the digital component of librarianship in 2011.

Please let me know what you think....