Twitter Map of Profanity — Polite Plains & Profane Mountains

Have you ever wondered in what locations people swear more or less versus other geographic locations? I can’t say I have, either. Having said that, sometimes too much data can be a wonderful thing — if one has a sense of humor, that is.

Cartographer Daniel Huffman has used “1.5 millon geocoded tweets from last March 12 to April 9” 2010 [MSNBC] to create a color-coded map of Twitter profanity use. The lighter the color, the less use of profanity. He titled the map “Profane Mountains, Polite Plains“, and the article appears in Cartographic Perspectives (.pdf), the Journal of the North American Cartographic Information Society.

Daniel Huffman's Map of Twitter Profanity -- Profane Mountains, Polite Plains

Clicking on the above map will take you to the full PDF of the map, which is located on the web site of the North American Cartographic Information Society.

Daniel Huffman is responding to sincere comments about the map on his blog, Cartastrophe.

Are you surprised by any of the information presented in the map? Do you think that Twitter users would swear more or less than non-Twitter users, or do you believe the sample population are representative of the habits of the larger population (both Twitter users and non-Twitter users)?


Please let me know what you think....