The Mechanics of Moving — A Guide to Avoiding Injuries and Damaged Possessions

How many times have you moved from one house or apartment to another in your lifetime? Do you think you know what it takes to move objects, pets, and people? I’ve moved plenty of times in my lifetime, but I am eager to hear of any information that can help me tame the moving beast.

I was thrilled to find an infographic on The Mechanics of Moving. Patrick Garvin created the infographic after helping a colleague move to a new house. He based it on his own notes, plus the comments and feedback of moving company employees. He writes:

In the summer of 2007, I helped one of our editors move his family to a new house near the beach. I noticed that when helping carry large items such as tables and couches that I was designated as the person who had to walk backwards. I mused aloud that there surely was an ettiquette that dictated moving protocol. What started as a joke ended up as a scribble in my graphics notebook and in turn became a full-page graphic a month later. I contacted a few moving companies to get their takes on the mechanics and manners necessary for a sucessful move, then wrote all the text myself. It came out a few weeks before school started for the fall, timed perfectly with the droves of college students who would be moving into the dorms.

The infographic below provides information on how to pack, how to stack furniture in a van or pod, which person of which height should be on which side of a piece of furniture when carrying it, the physical qualities of a good mover, and so forth and so on.

[If you would like to view a more readable version of the infographic, please click on the image below, and then click on it again to reveal the larger image.]

The Mechanics of Moving infographic by Patrick Garvin

Figure 1 – “The Mechanics of Moving”, ©Patrick Garvin.

Did you learn anything new from this visualization of the mechanics of moving? Do you have any moving tips or tricks you’d like to share? Is there anything on the infographic that you would delete? Is there any missing information you would add to it?

Please let me know what you think....