Test Your Digital Footprint

You may be aware of your carbon footprint, but do you know the size of your digital footprint? Would you like to know how much digital exhaust you leave behind during your normal daily activities?

The Discovery Channel has created a tool called Your Digital Footprint that measures “how much information about your daily life gets recorded by big business and Big Brother”. I took it, and I leave a moderate footprint. I could take some steps to clean up my digital exhaust.

24 June 2013:: The Discovery Channel’s Digital Footprint Test is no longer available. EMC provides a free Personal Digital Footprint Calculator.

The Discovery Channel -- Test Your Digital Footprint

What was your score? Were you surprised at how much data about your activities you leave behind? What did you think of the tool? Did any of the questions surprise you? Were there any questions you expected to be asked but were not?

Please let me know what you think....