Tesla Model S Owners Complete the “NY Times Road Trip” without Incident

The Model S dashboard uses an LCD instrument cluster and a 17-inch main touch screen.I would like to offer my congratulations to these drivers for their dedication and commitment! What a fun trip that was to follow.

You can check out the Twitter feed from this past weekend, complete with telemetry feeds. You may also want to check out their forum posts. The drivers also posted some videos to YouTube.

I look forward to reading the comments and news about these seven four “normal” drivers proving a NY Times reporter “wrong”, with thousands of people watching the data come in live. I also look forward to reading John Broder’s response to these driver’s recreation of his road trip.

Update: 18 February 2013, ~10 PM EST. Lauren Goode writes that four of the nine (whoops! I thought there were seven) completed the Tesla Road Trip. This was, however, preplanned for four of the drivers who left. I.e., four of the other drivers left of their own accord. A fifth driver ran into software problems, but the Tesla Motors help desk pushed software to him to fix it. Of the drivers who completed the journey, their consensus is that Broder did not adequately charge his car. It is equal to saying a gas engine does not work because you decide to fill it 1/4 of a tank, and then you cannot drive it for the same distance as a full tank.

What do you think? Does Elon Musk’s data of Broder’s trip speak for itself? Or, does data need context?

Please let me know what you think....