Taming Waves: Layne Beachley Applied for Wildcard Entry to the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour

Layne Beachley, surfing a barrel at Teahupoo, TahitiLayne Beachley is a seven-time world surfing champion and big-wave surfer. She retired in 2008.

Via Twitter, today she revealed she has applied for a wildcard entry with the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Championship Tour (WCT) for next year’s tour. Currently, she does not have a sponsor or company backing.

Her announcement has nothing to do with “taming data”, but, boy, can she “tame waves”. I plan to do a series of posts on the “science of surfing” so I thought this exciting announcement about a champion big wave surfer coming out of retirement to go on the pro tour again would be a fun start to the series.

The video above is of Layne riding at Ours, Maroubra, Sydney, Australia. Surfers consider her ride a very deep tube on a thick day. It was one entry in the “Ride of the Year” category of the 2009/10 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.

It’s amazing how the pros make something challenging look so simple and easy-to-do. I look forward to watching her compete during the next ASP WCT season.

Do you surf? If so, what is the heaviest wave you’ve taken on?

The thumbnail image at the top of this post is via the Brisbane Times (2008).

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