Kelly Slater: Greatest Athlete of All Time?

Update 14 December ~7:45 PM EST: Mick Fanning won the 2013 ASP World Tour Champion Title.

I’m on #TeamSlater today for the Billabong Pipe Masters. I’d like to see him win one more title (with all due respect to Mick Fanning)…and then retire on top. I’m not sure the latter will happen, whether or not he wins today. This infographic is from 2012. If Slater wins today, it will be World Title #12.

Supernaturally talented pro surfer from Cocoa Beach, Florida; a record-breaking eleven-time world champion (1992, 1994–98, 2005-2006, 2008, 2010-2011 ) who reinvented virtually every aspect of high-performance surfing. “His competitive statistics numb the brain,” world champion Shaun Tomson said of Slater, “and yet his most significant contributions have come from outside the competitive arena. No sportsman in the world anywhere has for so many years been so far ahead of his peers.” (Via EOS-Kelly Slater.)

Kelly Slater: the Greatest Athlete of All Time?

In your opinion, who is the greatest athlete of all time, regardless of sport, gender, or nationality?

Please let me know what you think....