50 Things Highly Productive People Do

Lifehack has the following advice for improving your productivity.


I agree with most of the above advice, but not all of it. Here is what I disagree with, and why.

  • 01: I agree with the advice to use a text editor so you can just start writing, but it doesn’t matter what brand it is. What is important is using a text editor. Per Garr Reynolds, software with many editing options distract you from the content. Write, then edit.
  • 023: Only if you monitor your accounts for inputs/outputs. I find I do better when I manually pay everything online, because it forces me to balance my accounts on a monthly basis. I am more aware of what I have been charged, how much I have spent, and how much I have remaining in my checkbook balance.
  • 40: Uh, “no”. Regular, consistent sleep is better for you over the long run.
  • 47: How do you determine what you need to read versus not need to read without at least skimming over the entire document?
  • 50: Not everyone uses Windows. What should Linux, Unix, and Max OSX users do?

With regards to Lifehack’s advice, above, what do you agree with? Disagree with? Do you agree or disagree with my comments above?

Please let me know what you think....