How Big was the Biggest Wave Ever Surfed?

Garrett McNamara, Nazaré Portugal January 2013How “big” is a “Big Wave”? What does it mean to surf a 50 foot wave? An 80 foot wave? What about a monster 100 foot wave?

The San Diego Surfing School attempted to answer that question by comparing various wave sizes to the Statue of Liberty. They created this infographic, “How Big Was the Biggest Wave Ever Surfed?” Now, I’ve never seen the Statue of Liberty, much less a 100 foot wave, so for me, this is still an abstract comparison. But, for those of you who have…compare away!

The authors wanted to show how big the wave was that Garrett McNamara rode in Nazaré in January, 2013. (Please see the thumbnail in the upper left corner, or, a larger image here.) Now, for those of you who follow surfing, you know that Garrett’s big wave record may or may not have been broken by Carlos Burle at Nazaré this past October 2013. Thus, this infographic is now a couple of months out of date. I am posting it, however, because I like the method of comparison – how do you show how “big” something is?

How Big was the biggest wave ever surfed? San Diego Surfing School

What do you think? Are the surfers crazy or simply adrenalin junkies?

Please let me know what you think....