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Check me out at Impact Zone Consultancy
Hey, folks!

I had so much fun with tamingdata that I decided to go into the data business. I created a company called Impact Zone. I will update this blog as I can, but in the meantime, check out my new blog, The Green Room.

On that site, you’ll find more directed articles on SEO, DIY websites, some academic articles of mine, and a dash of inspiration and motivation.

Hope to see you at The Green Room!



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Jewel Ward

Founder and Consultant at Impact Zone Consultancy
Nice to meet you! I am Jewel Ward, founder of Impact Zone ( Our specialties are search engine optimization and digital stewardship for creative industry websites.

We work hard to serve our clients’ needs so they can solve their technology problems. Our goal is to enable our creative clients to succeed digitally in whatever form success means to them.

Here are three fun facts about me. I consider coffee and chocolate food groups. I am an INFJ. I love longboard surfing.
Jewel Ward
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