About Jewel Ward’s Professional Background

About Jewel Ward’s Work Background*

So, you want to know about Jewel Ward*? I.e., me.

My work expertise is in data analysis, mark-up languages, information architecture, business analysis, and digital content development, management, and preservation.

I began my career in tech by editing content on Web pages in 1995 at a small start-up. (Yes, the Dark Ages!) Soon, I began to code Web pages and create content. (Yes, I was one of the then “20-somethings” that grew the Web in the 1990s.)

By the early 2000s, I had earned a master’s degree in Information Science and I was one of the first “digital librarians” to graduate.

About Jewel Ward’s Research Background*

My expertise lay with the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) and the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), as well as the development and management of digital data collections and repositories.

As a result of my desire to be a researcher, and, frankly, the long-term effects of The Great Telecom Bust of 2002, I changed career paths and began working on a PhD.

My expertise now extends to the preservation of digital materials, particularly using the integrated Rule-Oriented Data-management System (iRODS) data grid, the OAIS Reference Model, and ISO 16363.

Why does this matter? Because most materials, such as medical records and baby photos, are “born digital”. They need to be able to last for decades. Some of us can barely find our vacation photos from last year!

Summary of Jewel Ward’s Background

In conclusion, I have worked in multiple industries, from small start-ups to an ISP to a national laboratory to an academic library to a cyber infrastructure development research center to founding my own start up (currently).

While they may seem like very different work environments, all of them involve digital data and information infrastructures and architectures.

* I really dislike referring to myself in the 3rd Person, but good SEO requires it. Search engines needs to know that “about me” on this blog means “about Jewel Ward”.