The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to see a town or city as it “used to be”? Cities like Ancient Rome, Athens, and Tenochtitlan? What about China’s Forbidden City?

Thanks to a collaboration between IBM and the Palace Museum, you may explore this aspect of Chinese culture and history online via your own avatar.

The IBM press release states:

Visitors to the virtual Forbidden City may also engage in activities in which their avatars take an active role in the culture of the period. For example, avatars can take part in activities such as archery, cricket fighting, and playing the ancient game of Weiqi, the “board game of surrounding” now popularized as GO.

Visitors may also view and inspect artifacts and scenes such as “The Emperor Having Dinner” and “Court Painting.”

The video below, called The Forbidden City VIrtual World, highlights some of the experiences available to users, and gives a sense of how much work went into creating the virtual world.

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